The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory – Book Review

'Elizabeth has become a monster in my mind. One Tudor queen took my sister, the other will take my good name.' - Katherine Seymour (Quoted from 'The Last Tudor')  Many reviews have been made about this number one bestseller, but I think the way the book is described by 'Women and Home' is the most apt!... Continue Reading →

App Your Way to Good Grades

There are often more traditional ways of revising, established through many years of research and recommendation by teachers. It's very likely that during the build up to exam season, right now you are working out of a revision guide, textbook or sheets that you have been given in class.  I know myself, this time last... Continue Reading →

The Mummy Surprise

Imagine this. You have a sarcophagus sitting for over 150 years, classified as empty, and then to your surprise you find 10% of a person in there. A university museum in Sydney hadn't had any idea when they made this discovery last year (only very recently made public), after having sourced this sarcophagus with three... Continue Reading →

Lucy, you’re getting old

From Darwin to Lamarck our ears have been assailed with tales of evolution since primary school. From a single living organism, to ape, to human yet, what do we actually know about living then? Enter Lucy. 1974. Ethiopia. Paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson makes quite the discovery in this old gal. Setting back the course of our... Continue Reading →


Nobody stands up to the 'Hermione Granger' standard of study. It's a fact. No-one wants to spend all day studying, revising and doing their homework. Its just human nature. We are run by our inspirations and are always bound by temptation. I mean, who doesn't just want to spend the whole day binge-watching a new... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth the Golden Age – A Forgery?

Elizabeth The Golden Age is without a doubt an extremely good film! Personally, the story of a queen showing true strength and individuality, intertwined with her affection with her most trusted adviser, definitely intrigues me! But what actually did happen in Elizabeth's courts and is this film a historically accurate description of Elizabeth's later life?... Continue Reading →

History In Motion

We've all seen those BBC historical dramas that either keep us up at night or send us nodding off. 'The Darkest Hour' is a recent success in the film world, winning 42 awards and earning a whopping 63 nominations, including a the best actor Oscar for star Gary Oldman (who let's be honest will always... Continue Reading →

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